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First ever Raptor in the World in the 11s!!

Our long time customer, Luke, took his 2022 raptor 3.5L from stock 14sec 1/4mi passes to 11.8, on stock turbos!

What all does he have done?

2022 Raptor

*Cobb Accessport with GooseTuned custom e85 tune and custom TCM

*SPD catted downpipes

*ID1050cc injectors

*S&B intake

*Mountune upper mounted FMIC and cold side pipe

*CVF hot side piping

*CVF boost tubes

*Turbosmart BOV

He now has the current wolds quickest and fastest raptor, stock turbos, bigger turbos, etc…even over the new v8 Raptor R!

After multiple 11sec dragy passes Luke, looks to back it up at the track as soon as it opens.

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