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April 2020 Raptor Update - HUGE GAINS!

So I've been meaning to get back on the dyno with full E70 in the tank of my test truck. Been really busy tuning and haven't had the opportunity until now.

Knowing that the knock suppression of E50 was already a huge difference over pump 91oct, I thought to myself that I'd like to see how far I could go on E70. Now keep in mind my truck still only has a COBB Tuning Cold air intake, COBB Front Mount Intercooler, and my custom tune via the COBB Accessport. No other modifications!

I made 503whp last October. So with no changes to the map at all I got back on the dyno to see what it would make and it made this. Same boost (21psi), same timing, and Air-Fuel Ratio. I overlaid the previous dyno chart so you could see the difference. Super consistent power!

Not bad! So I wanted to make some improvements over this. With higher quality fuel you NEED to run more ignition advance. So here is where things get interesting. I added 1* of timing over the previous map and I actually lowered boost to 18.5psi!!! The truck made this!

Solid gains over the October 2019 power bump from E50 and boost was 2.5psi LOWER!! I could see that ignition still needed to be worked on so I started with that. I noticed it made great peak power but at 5500rpm it lacked the smoothness that I wanted. After an hour or so dialing in ignition the truck laid down this:

Again, some solid gains, especially in the low and midrange!!! Boost wasn't touched, same 18.5psi from the previous run. One thing I noted during this round of tuning that I thought I'd share here is that while increasing boost increased power in the spool/midrange, torque was substantially increased. The truck made 599wtq raising boost back up which I didn't like. That was at 21psi with optimal ignition advance. Peak horsepower didn't change, so I lowered torque to give it a nice flat curve. Again, that was on E70. I still run higher boost on 91/93. Just personal preference here I didn't feel like that 2.5psi was worth much given I was able to make the same peak power. Now, if I wanted to drag race the truck this weekend I'd absolutely run that 21.5psi. Any little bit of torque will help!

So after about 2-4 hours this is what I ended up with. 520whp 572wtq. BIG BIG gains over stock: 180whp at 6000rpm to be exact!! The truck is much improved yet again. It's out of fuel capacity here, needs bigger PI at this point. That will come asap. The truck absolutely rips now. It's no longer the same truck, especially comparing to stock.

I'll add a final chart below as well as the final chart compared to stock, which is quite comical!

Thanks once again guys for reading, and again for all of the support! We need some good news during this COVID-19 pandemic and I thought this would be encouraging! Take care guys, as always, any questions feel free to ask!

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