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Tuning Instructions
         2017+ Gen 2 Raptor

How to datalog (Goosetuned Version)


If purchasing the Accessport from me your first map will be loaded onto the Accessport)


You should select: Install ECU and TCM (if you purchased a TCM upgraded Accessport). Once the installation is complete go to: Tune > Show Current Map.  Double check ECU and TCM are installed.  If TCM is not installed you will see the option: “Install TCM” under the ‘Tune’ menu. If the option is available then go through the TCM Installation again, before tuning.


Durning the data logging process the Accessport needs to be plugged in. If we have completed, or we are no longer logging you do not need to keep the Accessport plugged in.


1. Log the default parameters. If your screen shows duplicate gauges that is ok!…as logging happens in the background.

*Please only do 2 logs*


2. Get up to speed normally. Choose Normal mode or Sport mode (doesn’t matter); put the truck in manual 4th gear around 40mph. Start logging 10 seconds before the pull begins, look at the Accessport and wait for numbers to appear after pressing the log button.


3 . Starting in 4th gear at 2500rpm go wide open throttle (pedal all the way down!) to 5800rpm. Stop log and email it to me (watch this video starting at 7:15, if you are stuck While you are looking at the log file to send to me, please make sure the file is over 25KB. If the file is under 10KB please log again and remove any gauges you have on the gauge screen (i.e only have 1 gauge on the Accessport screen).  Please do not rename the log. Also please do not delete the previous logs until we are finished tuning as they are in sequential order and help me keep track!


*After WOT, at high RPM, you may get a wrench light. I've found this to be normal operation on these trucks when hitting the rev limiter in 4th gear. This is normal behavior as there is no negative impact to the truck. When reading the codes via the accessport, you should see: P0600 Serial Communication link.


*****If at any time you ever get a Check Engine Light while running my tune files PLEASE use the accessport and go to: Troubleshooting > Read Codes, then let me know what comes up, even after tuning is complete. Do NOT reset the ECU until you do this*****


Logging Parameters


(T) Gear Current (Gear)

Accel. Pedal Pos. (%)

Actual AFR (Average) (AFR)

Airflow Limit Src (Enum)

BPV Mode (Enum)

Baro. Pressure (psi A)

Boost Pressure (psi)

Charge Air Temp. (F)

Closed Loop Status (#)

Coolant Temp. (F)

DFI/PFI Split Actual (%)

ETC Angle Actual (degrees)

Engine RPM (RPM)

Fuel Source (Enum)

HDFX Table (2nd Highest) (Table)

HDFX Table (3rd Highest) (Table)

HDFX Table (Highest) (Table)

HDFX Weight (2nd Highest) (%)

HDFX Weight (3rd Highest) (%)

HDFX Weight (Highest) (%)

HPFP Command (%)

Ignition Timing (Highest) (degrees)

Ignition Timing Corr. (Lowest) (degrees)

Inj Off For Tq Lim (Enum)

Knock Count Total (#)

Knock Octane Modifier (%)

Lambda Desired w/o Trims (AFR)

Load Actual (%)

Load Des. TQ Ctl (%)

Lowside FP Actual (psi)

PD Status (Enum)

Short Term Fuel Trim (Average) (%)

Spark Source (Enum)

TIP Actual Abs (psi)

TIP Desired Abs (psi)

Torque Source (Enum)

Turbo PID I-Term (%)

VCT Mode (Enum)

VCT-E Angle Act. (degrees)

VCT-I Angle Act. (degrees)

Vehicle Speed (mph)

Wastegate Position (%)



How to Transfer Maps to your Accessport:


  1. Open the Accessport Manager application on your computer. If you do not have Accessport Manager installed on your computer, you may download it: Here. Update your Accessport via Accessport manager before we start the tuning process!! (

  2. Plug the Accessport into the computer using a mini USB cable.

  3. In the Accessport Files pane, set the Filter drop-down to All Files.

  4. Click the Search For Maps button in the upper right corner of the Accessport Files pane. This will open the Maps On My Computer pane.

  5. Navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded maps. Your browser preferences will save the file wherever it is setup for, typically the "downloads" folder. From there you can drag it onto the Accessport

  6. Drag and drop the new maps from the Computer pane to the Accessport pane.

  7. The new maps have been added to your Accessport



  1. Plug the Accessport into the OBDII port of your vehicle using the supplied OBDII cable.

  2. Turn the ignition to the ON position.

  3. Navigate to “Tune” using the up and down buttons on the Accessport and click OK.

  4. Navigate to “Change Map” using the up and down buttons on the Accessport and click OK.

  5. Select the map you would like to flash to the ECU from the list of maps displayed and click OK.

  6. Follow on-screen instructions to guide you through the rest of the ECU flashing process.


How to uninstall the COBB Accessport 


To put the truck back to OEM/Stock, you need to select ’Uninstall’ from the main menu on the Accessport at the very bottom. That’ll put the OEM tune on the Accessport and restore to 100% Stock tune. To check that the Accessport has uninstalled successfully power up the Accessport; you should get an ‘Install’ prompt. That means that Accessport has uninstalled.


How to log with a Cobb Accessport:

How to Change Logging Parameters with a Cobb Accessport:





How to Change Gauges with the Cobb Accessport:

How to Change tire size with the Cobb Accessport:


How to disable Auto Stop/Start with the Cobb Accessport:


Recommended Spark Plugs (when its time to change)

Ford Racing Plugs - (Gap to 0.026-0.028). Torque carefully to 11.1ft-lbs


Recommended Thermostat


IWE issues unrelated to tuning

If you think you hear pinging durning the logging process, this is likely NOT the case. Most common issue I see when customers relay this to me is IWE issues. Please see this video:


ID1050cc Injectors (fuel upgrade)


XDI Fuel Pump Notes

  1. You NEED a tune for the XDI fuel pump. If you do not have a tune for the fuel you want to run you cannot run a non-XDI tune, you can hurt the truck.

  2. If at anytime you can’t build boost and the truck is running odd, please check to make sure you have the correct tune flashed to the truck for the XDI fuel pump


Going back to stock/Uninstalling the COBB Accessport 


To put the truck back to OEM/Stock, you need to select ‘Uninstall’ from the main menu on the Accessport at the very bottom. That’ll put the OEM tune on the Accessport and restore to 100% Stock tune  To verify the tune is off go to Help >  About Accessport: the look to see that both ECU and TCM say “not installed”  You’ll also get “install” at the main menu.  


Can I tow with a performance map?? (Non-tow specific tune)


No! You should not tow with a performance tune. If you need to tow either flash the Stage 0 v105 map (stock simulated, no additional power), or buy a tow map: 


My truck will not shift into gear, what do I do?


First off, don’t panic! The TCM simply failed to initialize. On the accessport go to: Troubleshooting > Reset TCM 


This should take care of the issue.


Low Oil Pressure Warning?


99% of the time a low oil pressure warning is due to 3 things:


1. Low oil level (check this first).

2. Cam Phaser issues starting.

3. Needing an oil and filter change!  


#3 is by far the most common. People that are tuned are seeing an increase in acceleration which moves oil to the back of the oil pan. On these trucks the oil pickup tube is in the front! Not too smart on Ford. But a simple oil and filter change fixes this most of the time. 




You will need an open road of 1/2 mile to 1 mile. Please follow all traffic laws. If you cannot meet those requirements in a safe and lawful manner please schedule for dyno time at a local dyno and I will support tuning you there. Happy tuning!

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