Gen 2 Raptor

We have had our development truck now for 2 years!  In that time we've managed to make significant power gains over stock utilizing the COBB Accessport! Check out our Blog (HERE) for the latest Raptor progress!

Below is an overview of what the COBB Accessport can do in addition to the 70-80whp you will gain with our custom tuning!

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The 2017-2020 Second Generation Ford Raptor features a twin-turbocharged Ecoboost V-6.  This forced induction powerplant falls right into the COBB Tuning wheelhouse, so right off the bat we were excited to see what could be accomplished.  This is a very capable platform in a stock configuration, but after some COBB magic, the Raptor becomes a whole new beast!  Whether you’re taking your Raptor to the backcountry, racing an off-road course, or just crawling the mall, the COBB Tuning Accessport offers performance gains that improve your truck for any situation.


Aside from the increased performance of the Off The Shelf maps or custom tune, the Accessport has more to offer.  It can be used to read and clear codes, datalog, and measure performance.  There are also several COBB Custom Features included for the Raptor platform.


You guessed it!  This feature allows control of the in-tank fuel pump.  This is especially useful if you want to drain the fuel tank to run different fuels, depressurize the fuel system to change injectors, or are needing to drain the fuel tank for any other reason.  To use this feature (see Accessport steps below), with the engine running set the Fuel Pump Control State to -1.  This will turn off the fuel pump and the engine will shut down when the ECU has detected behavior consistent with fuel pressure loss.  At this point, fuel pressure will be low enough to disconnect the fuel line and route it into a container.  Keying ON and setting the Fuel Pump Control State to back to 1 will turn the fuel pump back on which would then drain the fuel tank.

fuel pump control.png


A common complaint with the Raptor was the bothersome auto start/stop setting.  From the factory, there is no easy way to turn it off and keep it off with subsequent key cycles.  The Accessport’s Auto Start-Stop Adjustment feature accomplishes just that!  With this feature, you can set enable/disable Auto Start-Stop and the setting will be retained even after the vehicle is turned off.  To use this feature go to “Tune” > “Adjustments” > “Auto Start-Stop” > and then select “1” if you want it to be enabled or “0” to disable it as shown below.

auto stop start.png


This feature is intended to enhance or dull accelerator pedal response.  You can set this value from -5 to 10, with 0 being factory response for whichever Drive Mode the truck is in.  Each reduction from 0 to -5 will decrease pedal response by 20%.  This could be useful if you’re wanting to limit power or fuel consumption. Each increment from 0 to 10 will increase your pedal response by 10%.  This will make the truck feel faster since the actual throttle will open more with less pedal input.  Below is a graphical representation comparing throttle pedal input (x-axis) with the amount the throttle body is opening (y-axis) for each setting.

dynamic pedal control.gif
Throttle 2.png


Valet Mode can be used to reduce maximum power output by limiting throttle to about 25%.  A value of 1 will enable valet mode.  A value of 0 will return to normal.  This setting will be retained even through key cycles and does not require changing maps!  Below shows how to adjust Valet Mode on the Accessport.

truck dyno e70.jpg