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Ethanol FAQ & Tuning Guide - Gen 2 Raptor

Question- Can the Gen 2 Raptor run full E85?


Answer - No! The Raptor cannot run full E85.  The factory fuel system does not support it.  E85 is simply 85% ethanol 15% pump gasoline. The goal is to get that 85% down to E50, or 50% ethanol 50% pump gas.  It's accomplished by adding pump gas (either 91oct or 93oct) to the tank WITH the E85.  That lowers the content  of E85 to accommodate the limitations of the factory fuel system.  


You will need to know what's actually coming out of your local E85 pump since very often it's not full 85%.  So you have to test it. I recommend a cheap tester like this: 



Once you have the tester then you can use a blending spreadsheet I use, that a good buddy of mine at Innovative Tuning (Shout out to Mike McGinnis!) created here:


Question- What do I need to run full E85, I don't like the idea of blending, I may mess up the mixture!

Answer - You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways:


1. ID1050cc port injectors. 2-3hr install, direct fit. HERE

2. A bigger HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump), 30min install.  I recommend, and sell, the XDI-EVO (35% over stock!).


This will accommodate running full E85 on the stock turbos.  In my testing I've also found the stock low side fuel pump (located in the fuel tank) to be insufficient, *sometimes. You may see low side fuel pressure drop off durning high demand. To fix this it requires boosting voltage/power at the low side pump. You will need to purchase this JMS Fuel Pump Booster (I do not sell it): JMS Fuel Pump BOOSTER. *THIS Only Applies to option 2, option 1 doesn't need a booster.*

Once you have these items you are now ready to run FULL E85 in your truck!  Expect another 80-90whp over your current 91/93oct tune!

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