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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goosetuned?

GooseTuned is a Professional ECU Calibration/Tuning company. We tune a wide variety of vehicles and specialize on COBB and EcuTek software and supported vehicles. Tuning often makes even a stock vehicle run more efficient creating a better driving experience and smoother, more powerful ride. Since 2011 we have gained extensive knowledge by tuning our own test vehicles first, then providing that calibration service to the public. By developing this way we ensure you get the best possible product, the first time!

What is the best tuner for Raptor?

Over the years the best tuner and tune combination has been proven to be the COBB Accessport and a GooseTuned tune, or calibration. No other tune has "the best shifting out there", "safest power possible", and "the best user experience" when it comes to the GooseTuned experience. That is why GooseTuned has been the leader in Raptor performance since entering the scene back in 2018.

What is the fastest 1/4 mile time for Raptor?

We were the first and only (as of May 2024) to have customers in the 11s. 11.8@113mph out of a 2021 Raptor 3.5L.  We have been testing these trucks since tuning was introduced in 2022 by COBB Tuning. We have been leading the way.

What is your return policy?

Once the first calibration file is sent there is no longer the possibility of a refund.  If we have not sent you a file you have 48hrs to cancel our session.  Hard-parts (Accessport included) may be returned, unopened, within 14 days of the purchase date for a refund, 25% restocking fees apply. After 14 days returns are not accepted.

Do you provide repairs?

No, we only offer tuning services

2017+ Raptor Specific FAQ





1. What’s a tuner (hand held tuner)?  


It is a device that allows you to change tune files (maps), view gauges, read codes, datalog, etc..


2. What’s an Accessport?  


It is a handheld tuning device made by COBB Tuning.  It allows an individual to install it on their vehicle and “tune” it.  Select tune files, view gauges, datalog, performance monitoring (0-60, 1/4 mile, etc..). It also allows a Pro tuner such as myself to send you custom files you can flash to your vehicle.


3. Does that TCM tune add HP and TQ?  


It does not add HP or TQ but rather plants it to the ground in a much better fashion.  Much improved shift schedules and much more aggressive launching!


4. If I buy the COBB tuner, why do I need to pay you to produce a custom tune?  


While COBB releases their Off the shelf mapping (included with every Accessport purchase), I as a COBB certified Pro tuner can make more safe power by dialing in your truck to your local fuel, environment, and driving style!  Each vehicle is different so it allows for finding those differences and calibrating the vehicle accordingly!


5. How difficult is the tuner to install?  


It is extremely simple! Less than 10 button presses.  The installation time varies by vehicle but is automated after selecting the tune file you’d like to install.


6. Does it void my warranty?  


Void?  No!


It can however cause a ‘claim’ to be denied. It’s highly dependent on local dealerships and how well they work with aftermarket products. My recommendation would be to give them a call and ask.  Some dealerships are ok with tuning devices as long as it does not cause catastrophic damage to components. In that case warranty my not cover the damaged parts.  If a sunroof fails, the dealer cannot blame a handheld device and the claim will likely be covered.


7: When I take my truck into the dealer, how do I erase everything and then reload it?  


You can simply “uninstall” the COBB Accessport .


8. What HP and TQ numbers should I expect to see with your custom tune and Stage 1 or Stage 2?


On 91oct, 430whp and 520wtq, 93oct 445whp and 540wtq.  Stage 2 gains will come up top above 5000rpm where the charge air temp is in check from the Front Mount Intercooler upgrade. So peak power will be shifted from 5000rpm at Stage 1 to 6000rpm at Stage 2!


9. What is the “right” boost range? Why do some other people say that anything over 20psi is potentially bad for internals?


I like boost set between 18-21psi. Boost will vary based on temperature, humidity, elevation, etc.. There are a lot of rumors out there, most come from those who don’t tune :)


10. How much do you charge for updates?  


Secondary fuel maps are $175.  And update say, from stage 1 to stage 2, would be half price as long as its with in 90 days!  After that it will be $300.



11. What parts of the COBB stage 2 can I buy from you? What do I need to buy from COBB?  


I sell the COBB Accessport along with many other parts as I am also a Cobb dealer. You can buy everything directly from this site.



12. Which parts / upgrades actually add HP and TQ?  


By far the biggest upgrade is the Front Mount Intercooler.  After that I recommend E50 fuel (mix 91 or 93 with E85!). I’ve seen over 500whp on my development truck using E50!



13. What’s your typical turnaround time once I make my purchase?


Turn around time is typically within 1-2hrs, but I have to say 24-48hrs depending on my current circumstances and weekend orders.

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