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Big Turbo Tuning/Development - Raptor

Gen 2


Over the course of a few years now, we have outlined what we feel is the best Gen 2 Raptor setup for both daily driving and racing!  This set of parts provide OEM quality, and the best big turbo experience out there!

Paving the way, we set out to see if we could touch the 700whp mark on our 100% sealed STOCK MOTOR!  This was done to show what proper tuning and parts can accomplish!

This lead us to what we have put together for public purchase, the GT750 Turbo Kit!!  On 91/93oct, the kit will produce 500-550whp.  On E85 this kit will produce 600-650whp.  That's over 750CHP!!

COBB Tuning Accessport (adding our custom tuning)

COBB Tuning Upper-mount Intercooler

COBB Tuning Intake 

ID1050cc injectors

Garrett PowerMax Stage 2 Turbos

Full-Race Formline Manifolds

AMS Turbo Adapters

AMS Catted Downpipes

AMS Turbo Inlet Tubes

AMS Turbo Inlet Couplers


Gen 3


(2023 not yet supported!)

We have had our 2021 Gen 3 Raptor since fall 2021.  Development work started immediately!

Since winter 2022 we have tuned hundreds and hundreds of Gen 3 Raptors, and 3.5L F150/Tremors! We continue to lead in pushing this platform forward!

As the first ones to run bigger turbochargers on the Gen 3 platform, we have lead the way into the first 600+whp 3.5L Raptor, stock motor! CRP was kind enough to let us test their first prototype set of Stage 4 turbos. Once we got the new SPD Catted Alpha Downpipes and COBB Gen 3 intake in the same week; it was time to go to work! The results were awesome!

COBB Tuning Accessport (adding our custom tuning)

COBB Tuning Upper-Mount Intercooler

COBB Tuning Inakte 

ID1050cc Injectors

K&N Inlet tubes

SPD Alpha Catted Downpipes

CRP Stage 4 Turbos

Dyno CRP BT CAI E85_edited.jpg
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