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GooseTuned GT750 (Garrett PowerMax Turbo Build)

GooseTuned GT750 (Garrett PowerMax Turbo Build)

You've asked and here it is!! Our Garrett Powermax Big turbo package including our custom tuning!! Producing over 750 crank HP on ethanol!


**One fuel included in this package and the availability to add a secondary map. If you need another fuel map or custom tow, go to our shop menu and add a Secondary Bigger Turbo Calibration map for $275. All additional fuel maps or tow maps are $275 each.


No built engine required!


Using the Cobb Accessport, you'll be dialed in for safe power on either pump gas (91/91acn/92/93) and/or E85. If you have access to E85 at your local gas station and are selecting a tune for that, we highly recommend getting a regular pump gas map for the injectors and turbo setup as well. All of these mods are done on a stock engine. We've developed and have found the best modificaitons to support these turbos and produce good results, every time!


** This package includes the Cobb Accessport with Cobb TCM but you're also receiving our GooseTuned Custom TCM tuning as well for optimal transmission performance.**


Results consistenly are 530whp+ on pump gas (91/92/93oct), and 625whp+ on full e85.


The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Ford F-150 Raptor. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.


*Big turbo kit that you are purchasing is the Garrett Powermax Stage 2 turbos with the full install kit (gaskets and such) and Full Race Exhaust Manifold. Supporting mods in this package are the Cobb Front Mount Intercooler (behind the grill), COBB Intake w/HTC, AMS Catted Downpipes, AMS Turbo Adapters, AMS Boost Tubes, and AMS Intake Couplers. You're also receiving fueling modifications of ID1050cc injectors. We do recommend a JMS Boost a Pump which is NOT included. (XDI HPFP isn't not required and NOT included; however, it's optional to add to your build. These are hand made and wait times are 3-4 weeks.)


*This requires datalogging and at minimum 4 revisions per fuel map.

**Remote dyno tune support will be a cost of $400 in addition to this package and can be added to cart from our shop menu. Data logging included in this package is road logging.

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