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XDI HPFP - EVO (FORD Gen 2 Raptor)

XDI HPFP - EVO (FORD Gen 2 Raptor)

Tech Facts New “XDI-EVO”

Same 36% capacity increase like the XDI-HPFP35 (same Piston size).
But actual flow stays up all the way to 240bar. Pump internals have been further developed to improve maximum pressure capability and pump-VE.
The 35-pump flows up to 180bar and then starts nosing over. It does 200+bar but loses quite a bit of flow capacity at those pressures.

At 200bar the EVO-pump flows 12% more than the 35-pump, 41% more at 240bar.


The XDI-EVO shines as soon as you run 180bar/2600psi or more. e.g. to get more flow out of given injectors or for better Ethanol vaporization.

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