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GooseTuned GT700 (Raptor Gen 3 21-22 Big Turbo Build)

GooseTuned GT700 (Raptor Gen 3 21-22 Big Turbo Build)

You've asked and here it is!! Our Big turbo package including our custom tuning!!


Producing over 700 crank HP on ethanol!

1. Ethanol video here:

2. 91oct video here:


**One fuel included in this package and the availability to add a secondary map. If you need another fuel map or custom tow, go to our shop menu and add a Secondary Bigger Turbo Calibration map for $275. All additional fuel maps or tow maps are $275 each.


No built engine required!


Using the Cobb Accessport, you'll be dialed in for safe power on either pump gas (91/91acn/92/93) and/or E85. If you have access to E85 at your local gas station and are selecting a tune for that, we highly recommend getting a regular pump gas map for the injectors and turbo setup as well. All of these mods are done on a stock engine. We've developed and have found the best modificaitons to support these turbos and produce good results, every time!


** This package includes the Cobb Accessport with Cobb TCM but you're also receiving our GooseTuned Custom TCM tuning as well for optimal transmission performance.**


Results consistenly are 530whp+ on pump gas (91/92/93oct), and 620whp+ on full e85.


The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your Ford F-150 Raptor.


*Big turbo kit that you are purchasing has


  • CRP Stage 4 Turbos
  • Cobb Front Mount Intercooler (behind the grill)
  • COBB Intake w/HTC
  • SPD Catted Downpipes
  • ID1050cc injectors
  • K&N Inlet tubes required (SOLD DIRECTLY FROM K&N!!)


*This requires datalogging and at minimum 4 revisions per fuel map.

**Remote dyno tune support will be a cost of $400 in addition to this package and can be added to cart from our shop menu. Data logging included in this package is road logging.

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