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'21-22 F150/Tremor Custom Calibration ('21-22)(CUSTOM TCM NOW AVAILABLE TO ADD!)

'21-22 F150/Tremor Custom Calibration ('21-22)(CUSTOM TCM NOW AVAILABLE TO ADD!)

Please specify: Year Truck, and Trim.


i.e 2021 Tremor, or 2022 3.5L Extended Range (big fuel tank)


I will also need the Accessport serial number. It’s located under the faceplate, or you can find it on the Accessport main menu under about (at top). The you’ll see it start with FOR011_____)


**COBB TCM is already on your Accessport. GooseTuned Custom TCM can now be added to this mapping order!**


Pick up HUGE gains with a custom GooseTune.  


91oct Stage 1 gains are typically 80-90whp and 70-80wtq over stock!!! (expect +10-15whp/tq on 93oct)


91oct Stage 2 gains are typically 90-100whp and 90-100wtq over stock!!! (expect +10-15whp/tq on 93oct)


With the release of COBB Raptor Transmission tuning, we have our custom calibrations that have been tested on our develpment truck!  We've rigorously tested launches (MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE NOW!!), towing, daily driving, and off-road racing!  With the much improved shift points our truck never hunts to find the right gear, it's there waiting for the power to be applied!


Please allow 24-48hrs for order fulfillment.  Thank you!

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