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This V2 Intercooler is the strongest and highest flowing intercooler ever developed for the Gen2 Raptor and F-150 EcoBoost. Featuring aerodynamic cast end tanks with internal flow dividers supporting a 1000cfm flow rate (70% more internal flow area than stock), and <1psi pressure drop at 700+hp airflow levels. The stock EcoBoost intercooler location is less than ideal for cooling, but it also doesn't help if you're planning to install a winch, steel bumper, or run a snowplow, while our Intercooler allows for installation of all the above. Each and every unit is leak tested to 50psi (even small pinhole leaks can cause loss of power.)  APPLICATIONS:2017+ Ford Raptor EcoboostMay fit other applications with slight modifications**Disclaimer: DOES NOT come with a BOV.  F-150 is a tough truck that will be subjected to work site and off-road abuse, high strength and durability are critical. Whether upgrading for increased performance or adding a winch / prerunner bumper - Intercooler upgrades are the recommended first modification for turbocharged EcoBoost engines.  Also known as the CAC (charge air cooler), the stock F-150 CAC is located below the radiator in the lower front grille area. The OEM EcoBoost intercooler uses a thin aluminum core crimped to plastic end tanks, allowing 'heatsoak' (intake air temperatures rise uncontrollably) and a corresponding reduction in power.  The stock intercooler can not fit a winch or aftermarket bumper and it can't handle increased airflow from larger turbos or a tuned F-150 with stock turbos. In comparison, we use an aerospace quality intercooler core and our end tanks are expertly TIG welded in precise fixtures. The lower support beam is hand-fabricated from high strength steel then powder coated black. Using 3" inlet / 3" outlet, the coldside charge pipe is available with water/meth bungs as requested.  Click Here for Independent Test results  FORD F-150 ECOBOOST FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER KIT FEATURES:High-efficiency core designed specifically for the 2.7L, 3.5L and Gen2 Raptor V6 EcoBoost engineCFD optimized high strength cast end tanks using ANSYS softwareOptional aluminum bungs on charge pipe to suit Water/Meth injection nozzlesRetains OEM sensors and purge solenoid fittings - no tuning requiredOptional Black Coating available for stealth appearanceAllows EcoBoost F-150's to use a off-road pre runner bumper Allows fitment of approved snowplow mounts and other accessories, WARN Winch Compatible using Swarfworks Bracket  FULL-RACE'S FORD F-150 ECOBOOST INTERCOOLER / CAC UPGRADE KIT INCLUDES:Front Mount Intercooler core with >1000cfm flow rate (70% more internal flow area than stock), using oversized 10mm charge air and 10mm ambient air paths (larger than the stock 6.5mm size) for <1psi pressure drop at 600+hp airflow levels.  17.8L internal volumeIntercooler Lower Mounting BeamIntercooler Upper Mounting BracketAluminum Charge Piping (Hot and Cold Side)Couplers and ClampsHorn Relocation BracketAdaptive Cruise Control Relocation BracketOptional Black Coating  Installation instructions located here! (** These are built to order so shipping time may vary. This product will be drop shipped to you**
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