Subaru E-tune (Stock turbo)

Subaru E-tune (Stock turbo)

2015+ Wrx (Stock turbo)


Stock - 215whp Dynojet

Stage 1 91oct Goosetune - 265-275whp; 290-305wtq

Stage 2 91oct Goosetune - 285-295whp; 300-310wtq

Stage 2 FBO 91oct Goosetune - 295-305whp; 300-310wtq


Stage 1 E30-E60 Goosetune - 300-330whp; 300-325wta

Stage 2 E30-E60Goosetune - 345-365whp; 330-360wtq

Stage 2 FBO E30-E60 Goosetune - 365-405whp; 330-365wtq


Recommended Parts (2015+)


Since there are alot of parts that work well, and those that don't, below is a list of parts that I recommend:


Intake: COBB, ETS, Mishimoto

​Catback: Doesn't matter

​Downpipe/Jpipe: *Catted* CARB approved COBB

​Turbo: Stock for 300-400whp (e50 for 400), FP Blue for 400+(e50)

​Headers: If needed KillerB (Tial EWG)


​Flex Fuel Kit: COBB


​BPV: STOCK* If really wanting to upgrade with no issues use COBB BPV

​BOV: Don't do it

Fuel pump: AEM 340

​FMIC: COBB, ETS, PRL <- in that order

TMIC: Grimmspeed, Process West verticooler