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GooseTuned Dynosaur Logo T Shirt

GooseTuned Dynosaur Logo T Shirt

You've purchased a tune or tune/accessport combo from us and now you want to represent the company behind the beast of your car or truck. Or maybe you just want to spread the word about our custom tuning services. Either way....THANK YOU!  These shirts are comfortable to wear on any occasion: around the house, to car meets, off-roading, you get the idea.....Soft and quality material that make it fit so nicely.

60% cotton and 40% polyester blend.

Free shipping.

  • Care Instructions

    We ask that you please follow the care instructions on the t-shirt label to ensure that it lasts and is not damaged in the wash or drying process.

  • Return policy

    All sales are final (no returns accepted) so we please ask that you make sure to select the correct size and the color you want.

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