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A90 Toyota Supra


We have been working with the new A90 Supra since September 2019.   This platform is VERY strong in stock form and is on a conservative calibration from the factory!  Because this is a BMW B58 motor, it's very strong and robust as most of the BMW motors are. Rated at 330HP from the factory we saw 353 WHEEL horse power when we put ours on they dyno!!

What we've seen in tuning the stock car on MHD was 463whp! Simple Stage 1 E40 flash! Gasoline Stage 1 made 421whp!  That's an increase of 110whp in tuning alone.







We were able to best this number adding a downpipe to the mix.  No tuning changes netted an additional 12whp. Not bad for $299!



























Supra 100whp Gain stock e30.png
Supra 122whp Gain Stage 2 e30.png

We now use Ecutek.  We were one of the first to run Ecutek in their Beta program in January 2020!  We've spent numerous hours in the car, on the road, and on the dyno getting used to the software and all 30,000+ tables that Ecutek has defined for us, in English!! (Ha!) We saw a much improved torque curve, as well as much better midrange and light throttle behavior.  No longer needing to under report torque, we get the transmission shifting characteristics dialed in!  The car feels OEM again with the needed +122whp!!  This is only our Stage 1 mapping!  Expect 500+whp on our Stage 2 mapping!

dyno E70.png
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